Tarot Earring-Make your own combination

Tarot Earring-Make your own combination

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An amazing unique earrings with the tarot card designed & crafted by us with great care in our studio in Athens Greece. You can also easily separate the tarot card from the hoop and wear the hoops alone. You can make your favorite mix and match pair of earrings with the Tarot Cards of your choice (make your own combination) just pic your favorite tarot cards and make your unique pair of earrings, available 11 different tarot cards (see 2nd picture).

Don’t forget to leave a note in your order and named the Tarot Cards you want to add in your earrings.


▪️ Pair of earrings (two pieces)
▪️ Earring drop: 4cm (measurement from the pin of the hoop)
▪️ Tarot height: 2,40cm // Tarot width: 1,50 cm // Metal thickness: 6mm
▪️ Material: Solid Sterling Silver 925 or Gold 9K or Gold 14K
▪️ Plated in 24k yellow or rose gold or black plated (Nickel free & Hypoallergenic)
▪️ Hand polished
▪️ Shipped in a gift box & comes with the printed tarot card (in the back side has written the positive omen)



*Sterling Silver 925, you can choose between:
Silver, Yellow gold plated, Rose gold plated or Black plated

Tip! The carved design on the Silver jewelry is emphasized with black color - oxidized (traditional technique not color), the Plated jewelry can not be oxidized (no black lines on Plated fills).


*Gold 14K or Gold 9K you can choose between:
White gold, Yellow gold or Rose gold 

Tip! In Gold K9 & K14 jewelry the carved design is emphasized with black color – oxidized (traditional technique, not color).
We also give you Certificate of Authenticity for the Gold 14k or 9k.



We provide worldwide shipping (with Post "Register Mail")  but if you want faster delivery you can select the FEDEX INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY SHIPPING (more expensive). Phone number is need it for the courier service.

***AVAILABLE TAROT CARDS (see 2nd photograph):

Balance & Success, Achievement.
This card helps with confidence spiritual positivity ,is very powerful omen and helps you to accomplish anything you want.

Joy & Happiness, Triumph.
The sun card is symbol of growth and spiritual maturity. Heat and light are life giving energies. Illuminates us on our spiritual journey. Sheds light into our physical journey.

Partnership, deep love and balance
This card is symbol of relationships, union, bonding , marriage , finding a soulmate or a deep lasting friendship, a lover in your life or about to be living in harmony with the universe.

Balance & Success, Achievement
The Wold card presents an evolution from one stage to another … as a long term project/study/career path reaches closure and accomplish. You have integrated all paths of your self and are in touch with your higher power. The world is at your feet!

Abundance, Mothers & Fertility
This card symbolizes creation, new life, light, beauty & goodness in daily. She also heralds fertility, material incomes & stabilization in domestic affairs.

Action, Bravery, Instinct & Care Of Others
It’s very strong card. It means the ability of person to cope with tasks. Strength is not always physical. Your patient, companion and gently spirit is that makes you strong.

Good Luck, Destiny & Winning
This card heralds a chance coming usually for a better. As the wheel turns, ages come & go, fortunes rise & fall, life’s ups & downs (life-circle), destiny...and usually good luck.

Will Power, Action & Confidence
This card symbols the ability to conduct business, to understand & anticipate other people. The magician has all the tools, talents & resources he needs to manifest his desires.

Honesty, Fairness, Law
The Justice card counsel us to be aware of the consequences of our actions and to behave responsibly. It tell us that we control our own destiny & need to act with dignity. This card indicates real justice and nothing can change it.

Intelligence, Spiritual Wishdom & Intuition
This card it is a symbol of intuition, creation, understanding, deep knowledge, the card can talk about a women, who will help you to desiderata some problem.Trust your intuition to guide you and know that’s your silence is golden.

Innocent, Free spirit & Freedom
This card symbolizes the thirst of life. In general this card indicates new beginnings for the better. Be positive & welcome the adventure before you. Looking upon the world with the wide-eyed innocence & open heart of a child.

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Caring for your jewelry, tips for long life:
1. Keep your jewelry away from the following as much as possible:
a. Water, lotion, perfume, or other harsh chemicals
b. NEVER wear jewelry in the pool or ocean
c. When NOT wearing, keep in your Fishbone design jewelry box or pouch
2. Do not use soap/water or jewelry cleaner to clean your handmade jewelry. Just rinse under the sink with water & wipe away any excess until dry.
3. ESPECIALLY NEVER USE SILVER JEWELRY CLEANER – it has a mild acid and will ruin your fashion jewelry and strip the finish in seconds!
4. Fashion Jewelry is best worn for occasions – If you are the “I never take it off & wear it everyday” type of person - your jewelry will not last as long as someone who wears their jewelry every now & again. I often relate jewelry to clothes. Someone who wears the same shirt everyday can not expect it to last as long as someone who only wears the item once a week.
5. In time, if your jewelry has lost its luster or the plated – don’t despair - you can refresh them again in silversmith workshops.

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