The Fool Tarot Card Necklace

The Fool Tarot Card Necklace

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An amazing unique necklace with the tarot card “The Fool“ carved designed & crafted by us with great care in our studio in Athens Greece.



This card encouraging you to move forward, be optimistic about what is coming, be spontaneous and enter the new upcoming phase with trust. 
The fool card completes the circle of major arcana. It represents the innocence from which we are born & to which we return after death. 

▪️ Chain length: 45cm (if you want longer or smaller please contact with us)
▪️ Motif drop: 2,80cm (measurement with the ring on the top of the tarot)
▪️ Tarot height: 2,30cm // Tarot width: 1,20 cm // Metal thickness: 15mm
▪️ Material: Solid Sterling Silver 925 or Solid Gold 14k or Solid Gold 9karates.
▪️ The motif in the back side has our logo (Fishbone design) and the material detail (925 for Silver and 14k for Gold)
▪️ Plated in 24k yellow/rose gold (Nickel free & Hypoallergenic)
▪️ Hand polished
▪️ Shipped in a gift box & comes with the printed tarot card (in the back side has written the positive omen)


*Sterling Silver 925, you can choose between:
Silver, Yellow gold plated, Rose gold plated or Black plated

Tip! The carved design on the Silver jewelry is emphasized with black color - oxidized (traditional technique not color), the Plated jewelry can not be oxidized (no black lines on Plated fills).


*Gold 14K or Gold 9K you can choose between:
White gold, Yellow gold or Rose gold 

Tip! In Gold K9 & K14 jewelry the carved design is emphasized with black color – oxidized (traditional technique, not color).
We also give you Certificate of Authenticity for the Gold 14k or 9k.


We provide worldwide shipping (with Post "Register Mail")  but if you want faster delivery you can select the FEDEX INTERNATIONAL PRIORITY SHIPPING (more expensive). Phone number is need it for the courier service.

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Caring for your jewelry, tips for long life:
1. Keep your jewelry away from the following as much as possible:
a. Water, lotion, perfume, or other harsh chemicals
b. NEVER wear jewelry in the pool or ocean
c. When NOT wearing, keep in your Fishbone design jewelry box or pouch
2. Do not use soap/water or jewelry cleaner to clean your handmade jewelry. Just rinse under the sink with water & wipe away any excess until dry.
3. ESPECIALLY NEVER USE SILVER JEWELRY CLEANER – it has a mild acid and will ruin your fashion jewelry and strip the finish in seconds!
4. Fashion Jewelry is best worn for occasions – If you are the “I never take it off & wear it everyday” type of person - your jewelry will not last as long as someone who wears their jewelry every now & again. I often relate jewelry to clothes. Someone who wears the same shirt everyday can not expect it to last as long as someone who only wears the item once a week.
5. In time, if your jewelry has lost its luster or the plated – don’t despair - you can refresh them again in silversmith workshops.

*FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE via Hellenic Post (Register Mail).

Usually arrives to your door with in 8-12 working days.
*Also available & FAST SHIPPING via FedEX COURIER (International Priority) with cost 11EURO . Usually arrives with in 2-3 days.

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